Good bye and thanks for the photos!

Pic Puller for Craft integrates Instagram into Craft CMS. Or at least it used to.

NOTE: On March 2, 2020 Facebook is shutting down the API that Pic Puller uses. See this Facebook post for details. Check out Instagram Feed to continue pull your public feed into Craft CMS. It scrapes the public Instagram page and does not rely on an API.


Pic Puller for Craft Features

checkmarkAutomatic Instagram feeds

Simple loops with Craft's Twig loops bring in authorized user's media streams.

checkmarkMulti-user support

Does your CMS have more than one user? No problem. Pic Puller supports as many users as you do. Each user can authorize their own Instagram account.

checkmarkShared Instagram Authorization

If you're company has a single Instagram account, you can share one authorization among all your Craft CMS users.

checkmarkImage browser field type

Each user can choose photos or videos for use in entries.

checkmarkoAuth authorization protects your users

The CMS doesn't store any Instagram passwords. Authorization is done with oAuth via approved Instagram protocols.


The Pic Puller field type and the Matrix field type are old friends. It just works.

checkmarkInstagram video support

Supports both still imagery and video.

checkmarkCaches API calls to Instagram

Even the most robust API's go down or hit a rate limit. Pic Puller caches calls to the Instagram API to help prevent those times from affecting your site.

checkmarkHelpful error messages

When errors happen with retrieving an Instagram feed, helpful error message help you handle it gracefully.

checkmarkCSRF Protection

Pic Puller is compatible with Craft's built-in protection against Cross-Site Request Forgery attacks.